Thursday, August 9, 2018

Talking About School

Please forgive the crappy photo

This is a box of old workbook pages from the K12 thing the kids did a couple of years ago. We use the backs of them, as they are all one-sided,  as scrap paper. I walked by it the other day and saw a drawing of an octopus and the parts thereof labeled and I thought,

"What if the kid doesn't give a rip about the octopus and its parts?"

And if the kid did, there are certainly much better ways to learn about it.

The transition from Believer to Nonbeliever left me with many loose ends as far as what to do. I no longer had the direction from above, but as the years have passed, I watch in amazement at how the kids learn and what they chose to learn without very much involvement from me.  Not to say I'm not interested, I just decided about a year and a half ago to go another way, if not just for awhile to see what would happen.

The more I surrender to this method, the more I believe in it.

I went through all the curriculum a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to add a bit more structure this year, but the more I looked through it, the more I couldn't understand how all this kind of busy-work was useful at all, at least not anymore.

My vow to myself and to them this "school" year and all the time, is to be available to them. If they want to learn something, I'll help them myself or help find someone or some resource that can help. If they want to try something new, I'll do my best to make it happen.

It's scary and exciting, but we're done with traditional homeschooling for good, I think.

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  1. What a lovely photo Alice. You have a most beautiful family! Much love I send to all of you

  2. Replies
    1. It is. I'm trying to focus on what is really important and question what is considered necessary.

  3. School was always a hassle for us. I like your approach.

    Did you ever get an answer to the octopus question?

    1. School is a hassle, at least the way it is now, I believe. I have had to become somewhat secret-y about my approach for the last year or so, for fear of too many questions, doubts, and concerns from family, but I'm coming out little by little :)

      And I'm not sure what happened to that octopus or his parts :)

  4. This post made me smile. :)
    Yay for continuing to learn and go with the flow.
    I'm a big believer in child-led learning. I'm sure the kids (and Mom) will thrive and grow.
    You may recall that we homeschooled, though I prefer the term eclectic schooled. ;) The kids are adults now, 28 and 30.
    Oh the struggle it was for me between structure & non-structure and finding a balance in between. I used to call it the pendulum approach. Which I don't recommend. lol Not sure if I ever really found that balance; it was a continual balancing least in my head.

    BTW, the 28-year old is currently hiking the the base camp at Everest! Which amazes me...

    1. That is so cool!

      I do have a lot of trouble with the balance, right now we are not so much in need of structure, but of outside of the house things to do. I met up with a local unschooling group and have been exploring other options.


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