Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Test?

I'm sure I can't be the first person, but I've been wondering lately if maybe...

Our inner voice, intuition, snuffed out by thou shall and thou shalt not becomes tired, exhausted, heartbroken. I know for me it did. Why was it that the Bible was so contradictory, barbaric, nonsensical in parts and in others sounded just like things that resonated with my soul? How does one pick and choose what God is really saying?

(I will not be posting scripture here because for every thing I present, the opposite can surely be presented. Anyone who knows the Bible, knows these things.)

I know it has taken me years to come to the conclusion that many liberal/progressive believers in the Judaeo-Christian God have come to and that it that you absolutely cannot take the Bible at face value. I tried. I tried because it took it so very very seriously. It took me not believing to see that it is not an instruction manual. It is the thoughts and writings of many people. It is not penned by the very hand of the Almighty. It very well may be a huge hindrance in the wrong hands. What we are individually comes from the inside.

Morality can not be dictated, I believe. It can be enforced, I suppose, but then again, one people's idea of morality and another's can be very different.  Do we stone the adulterer? Do we shun the heretic? Do we wipe out all of our enemies? OR

Do we turn the other cheek, show mercy rather than justice, give generously, break "the law" (either civil or religious) for the greater good?

What does your spirit say to you?

Unquestioning blind obedience, following the crowd, doing what your priest or pastor says is not where it is at for me. It never was, but I suppressed the inner voice time and time again for fear of retribution in this life and the next. You cannot love if you are full of fear. It does not work.

A week or so ago, I had a thought that maybe this is all a big test. God (I'm speaking hypothetically here since I do not know if such a thing is) would be very clever I would think. Those who would follow their heart, their humanity, their morality above what any book, sermon or organization teaches would be one who is unafraid of doing what it right no matter what anyone else says. Maybe that's why all the grey, the inconsistency, the confusion. One must look within, there is no where else to go.

And when one does that, nothing in the world can be more clear.

Maybe, God's test is to love no matter what. Not "speaking the truth in love", love, but actual love.  Those who have it without fear may be the sheep and those who follow the crowd for fear of punishment are the goats.


  1. I still believe that if one always just follows their heart all the other stuff just doesn't mean much else. Each of us have our own personal perceptions of things and that is the way things should be I suppose. Just my humble opinion.

    1. I agree and most people who really search out for God tend to be those who want to listen to their own heart above all the mainstream blabber, news, fear, hate and such. BUT, when one is presented with a holy book that contradicts most of what one's heart says, it causes great distress, especially if that book is considered to be written from the hand of God. Since fundamental Christianity was the focus of my life for so many years, these things were not as black and white as I would have liked them to be. It took many years to deconstruct that thinking to bring me back to what I was once before religion.

      I look forward to listening to the podcast on your blog, Ron:)

    2. Hello Alice. I agree with you my friend.Personally I think you hit the nail on the head here. That is why I chose long ago to follow my heart and stop listening to what others kept telling me what to believe about the Bible and the teachings of the organized religions. Having to "unlearn" all the things I had been taught since a child was very hard but also very well worth the effort. And now I find myself at peace with my God concept and all things of a spiritual nature. And I am so very happy for you in that you seem to be more at peace with your beliefs after your religious experiences. Good for you my friend. Maybe someday everyone can just allow others to find their own way and stop judging anyone else for theirs. I doubt it but I I hold on to that dream. When you do look at my podcast I think you will see how I perceive things but as i am always quick to tell others, what I say is only my "Truth" and it is never my intention to tell anyone my way is "right" and theirs is "wrong". I am happy for you Alice because I do know how hard it is at times to go back and find ones own truths. As always I wish you and yours the very best of everything.

  2. Why was it that the Bible was so contradictory, barbaric, nonsensical in parts and in others sounded just like things that resonated with my soul? How does one pick and choose what God is really saying?

    I'd say you more or less answered your own question. Believers pick and latch onto whichever scripture resonates with them, and by extension, they discard, ignore, make excuses for, that which does not resonate with them. In my case, though, I was a believer before I ever cracked open a bible for myself. Once I did, like you, I just found that it didn't make any sense to sit there and dig around for the gems among all the filth and contradictions.

    1. I'd say you more or less answered your own question.

      Yes, I guess I did lol ;)

      Many Christians who seem to be hateful (*cough cough Susan) may very well just be trying to DO everything the Bible says and it pulls them apart.

    2. Yes, I guess I did


      may very well just be trying to DO everything the Bible says.

      I think hateful people ..::cough, cough::...focus on the hateful stuff in the bible because it resonates with them. Then on the flip-side, you have someone like KC Bob who focuses on the positive, loving aspects of the bible, and this is probably because those parts resonate with him. So, on the one hand you've got your hateful, judgmental, intolerant believers. Then on the other hand, you've got your kind, understanding, tolerant believers.

      It is pretty telling, though, how the latter group take a more lax, liberal approach to the bible, while the former group cling to every word. If I didn't know any better, I'd say the book, itself, is problematic = P


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